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You pay for using EntryThingy by purchasing tokens. One token costs $2 with discounts for high volume purchases as follows:

TokensPriceYou savePrice per token

You can purchase tokens in increments as small as 10.

Purchase tokens through the admin area of your EntryThingy with your Paypal account or any major credit card. You can also purchase directly through us - we'll send you an invoice and you can pay by check or Paypal.

When you use your EntryThingy, your token account will be charged as follows:

Per entry: You pay for the entries that you receive from artists applying for your show. Each entry that you receive costs one token (with up to 20 images per entry).

Storage after 1 year: Storing entries for more than one year costs 1 token for every ten entries per year.

Emailer: If you use the entrant emailer your token account will be charged one token for every 100 emails you send. Example: Sending alert emails to 60 entrants costs one token. Sending emails to 150 entrants costs 2 tokens. Sending emails to 200 entrants also costs 2 tokens.

Image gallery: If you use the image gallery, your token account will be charged 9 tokens per calendar month for each gallery widget that is in use.

Everything else is free: There is no cost to you for putting an EntryThingy on your site, adding and managing shows or for the online and offline jury system.

Customizations: Please contact us at for a quote on custom fee payment buttons (such as Paypal), additional entry questions and other customizations.

Free Trial: When you signup with EntryThingy, you'll get 10 free tokens that you can use to try it out.
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