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Frequently asked questions about EntryThingy
What's the best way to contact us?
What's the best way to find out how this works?
Where does EntryThingy and my data live?
How is my data backed up?
How do I put an EntryThingy on my site?
Where is my EntryThingy on the web site?
I don't want to put it on my site. Can you host my EntryThingy for me?
My EntryThingy is all squished
I don't see a login form on my site, it just says Loading... with a twirly thing.
It keeps jumping to the top of the page. What can I do?
How do I change the text that shows to the right of the entrant registration form?
I want to show a list of my shows instead of the entrant registration form.
I want to show the login form instead of the entrant registration form.
I have several calls but want to show only certain calls in my EntryThingy.
How do I get it to work in Wordpress?
How do I make it skip the main page with list of calls for entries when there's only one call?
I'd like to style specific elements of the EntryThingy user interface with CSS
My EntryThingy is not working on my Wild Apricot site
Pricing & Tokens
What's a token, what do they cost and how do I get them?
How do tokens work?
What about bogus or unwanted entries?
How do I know if I still have enough tokens?
What about unused tokens?
Setting up calls for entries
Show me how to set up a call for entries in a video!
How do I preview my call before it goes live?
I want to collect more information from my entrants.
How do I integrate payment options such as Paypal?
Entries aren't automatically set to "Submitted" after the entry fee is paid through Paypal
Entrants don't see a call for entries listed after they register.
How do I ask for booth/display images?
I want to allow multiple views per piece
What information can I ask for in entries?
How do I ask entrants for their artist statement and resume?
How can I set minimum and maximum upload/image sizes?
How can I determine which file types may be uploaded?
Please explain 'Deadline for Entries' vs. 'Deadline for Late Entries'
How do I assign a call admin to a call?
Managing entries
How do I add entries received by mail?
How do the entry list and pieces wall filters work?
What are the entry statuses for?
What do I do if an entrant has submitted their entry but needs to make changes?
What do I do if I've received a payment for an entry but it hasn't been submitted by the entrant?
How do I send emails to the entrants based on their entry status?
How do I delete a call for entries?
How do I change the category of an entry?
Is there an API with which I can change entry statuses?
Email alerts
How do I send email alerts to my entrants?
Call data and image download
How do I download all of my call data to my computer?
Do I have to download everything every time?
How often should I download?
What's the CSV file for?
The CSV file looks all wrong after importing into Excel (or other program)
Administrator and juror logins.
Login permissions.
How do I add jurors to a call?
What if the juror's email is already being used for an entrant or admin account?
Jurors don't see a call for entries after they login.
Jurors don't see any entries after they click into a call.
What's the difference between voting per entry and voting per piece?
Can I use the online and offline jury presentations simultaneously?
I want jurors to see artist statement and resume.
Multiple Voting Rounds - how does that work?
Image Gallery Widget
What's this gallery widget thing?
Where do I get the code for my image gallery widget?
Images are not showing in the gallery
For Artists
Where's that video that'll show me how the entry processs works?
Troubleshooting upload issues.
It's telling me my image is too small or too large.
I have to edit my entry after it has been submitted.
I'm lost. Where do I submit my entry?
What's the status of my entry?
I have a question about the entry instructions, image requirements or other issues relating to a call.
I have a question about entry fee payments.
What's the difference between [reuse previous] and [select from my artwork]?
I've added images to my Artwork Management account - how do I get them into a call for artists?
How do I change my email, password and other profile information?
How do I cancel my Artwork Management subscription?
Other questions
If you have a question, contact us at We'll get back to you really quick.
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