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What people are saying about EntryThingy

Judy Ryan, Arts of the Terrace in Mountlake Terrace Washington




Matt Werner, Arizona Artists Guild


Jeff Alu and Stephen Anderson, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art

Michael Corlew, Viewpoint Photographic Art Center

Kathleen Mazei, Roseville Arts Blue Line Gallery


Abbie Kundishora, Creative Arts Workshop

Lisa Scails, Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut


Jason Andreasen, Baton Rouge Gallery

Matthew Weldon Showman, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

Seth Boonchai, New Orleans Photo Alliance

New York

Diane Dresher, Bowery Gallery

Jenn Dierdorf, Soho20 Chelsea Gallery


Chris Bennett, Newspace Center for Photography

Sally Hedman, Lakewood Center for the Arts


Doreen Ravenscroft, Waco Cultural Arts Fest


Esther Ervin, Curator of the Onyx Fine Arts Collective

Maren Oates, Schack Art Center

Judy Ryan, Arts of the Terrace

Patti Sullivan, Dawn McLellan and JB Halverson, Edmonds Arts Festival


Need to receive, manage and jury calls for entries? Great! Because that's what EntryThingy is for!  

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