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Contact us at hello@!removethis! - we'd love to hear from you!

Get your EntryThingy to receive, manage and jury your calls for entry.

It's too easy. Just fill out the form below, copy and paste some html code to a page on your site and start a call for entries!

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Create a password: What's this?
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Don't want to put it on your site yet?

No problem. Just fill out the form on the left and you'll get a link to your own EntryThingy right here on the site. Any calls for entries, entries you receive and jurying that is done here will all be available when you decide to move your EntryThingy to your own site.

Need help?

We can help you put an EntryThingy on your site - or host it for you with your site's design. And if you don't have a site or you're not happy with your current design - let us know - we're pretty good at that too! Contact us at hello@!removethis! - we'd love to help out!

Are you an artist wanting to submit an entry?

You're in the wrong spot. EntryThingy lives on each art organization's web site. You'll find a link to their EntryThingy there. You'll also find links to EntryThingys in the Current Calls list here.


Need to receive, manage and jury calls for entries? Great! Because that's what EntryThingy is for!  

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