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Why EntryThingy?

  • EntryThingy lives on your site. No need for extra servers - just put it on a page on your site and it'll look like it was built just for you!
  • You own your show data. Download all data and images to your computer - whenever you like, as often as you like.
  • No setup fee, only $2 per entry. Get started now and we'll waive the setup fee. You pay only $2 per entry.
  • Artist registration, entry and image upload. Collect all the data and images you need for your show.
  • Administrative tools. Use statuses, filters and search to view and manage your show entries.
  • Online jury. Invite your jurors to vote for entries on your site.
  • Offline jury. Download entries and images to your computer for your own offline jury presentation.
  • Image gallery. Just copy and paste some html to a web page on your site to get an image gallery of your entries - with commenting and comment moderation.
  • Entrant emailer. Send emails to your entrants based on entry status.

Features Overview

Here's a list of everything that EntryThingy has and does. Watch the videos here to see how it all works. Want to take it for a test drive first? Contact us for a login!

  • Just copy and paste a few lines of html to a page on your site
  • No extra servers or software to install
  • Receive and manage artist entries
  • Online and offline jury system
  • Download all data and images to your computer
  • Simple pricing structure: 1 artist entry = $2.
  • Runs on Amazon's EC2 with MySQL database. File storage on S3
  • Mirrored master/slave database setup on two machines. Daily backups to S3 and offsite.
Show administration
  • Add as many shows as you like
  • Show information for artists and jurors: "Instructions for artist submissions", "Terms of entry for Artists", "Jury Procedure", "Description", "Deadline for submission", "Notification of jury results", "Show date"
  • Define maximum or required number images per entry
  • Define maximum entries per artist per show
  • Show statuses: "Do not show to artists or jury", "Show to artists and jury", "Show to jury only"
  • Entry statuses: "Not Submitted" , "Submitted", "Show to Jury", "Accepted", "Not Accepted", "Waitlist", "Withdrawn/Refund", "Withdrawn/No Refund", "Fee Paid"
  • Create juror logins and assign to different shows
  • Define any number of entry categories
  • Filter entries on status and category, search by artist name and description of work
  • Sort entries by "Points", "Date", "Name", "Nr of Votes", "Status", "Category", "Custom ID", "Size of Files"
  • View thumbnail image wall of entries as they come in.
  • Download all data and images to your computer. HTML and CSV format. (see a sample offline jury view here and a sample image wall here
  • Status update macro
  • Multiple voting rounds
Artist registration and entries
  • Artists self register submitting contact information
  • Additional, show specific information customizable
  • Artists choose from a list of your shows
  • Artists submit statement and category (if defined by administrator)
  • Artists upload images with description, specify whether art or display/booth, materials (customizable)
  • Artists can reuse images from entries to other shows
  • You can allow artists to upload up to 3 additional views of an artwork
  • Artists determine order of images for jury view
  • Artist preview of jury view
  • Artists are shown information defined by administrator explaining entry procedure
  • Integration of Paypal or other payment options
  • Receive email alerts when new entries are submitted
  • Suggested calls in entry confirmation emails
Jury system
  • Online and downloadable offline
  • Voting per entry or per image
  • Optional juror nots can be shown to entrants
  • Previous, next and 'next entry needing my vote' navigation
  • Jurors don't see artists name or contact information
  • Administrator sorts and updates status of entries based on vote points
  • Points catgories
  • Place entries into different groups based on points - also from different points categories
Image Gallery
  • Show an image gallery of your entrants' work on your site
  • Easily customizable for different layouts and image sizes
  • Commenting and comment moderation
For artists page
  • List of current calls hosted by EntryThingy
  • Map of current calls hosted by EntryThingy
  • View entries across all calls hosted by EntryThingy
  • Artwork Management: Keep track of your artwork, its history and location - Crop, rotate, square and download images of your artwork at any size - Create galleries for the web that you can share with other people such as collectors who are interested in your work or galleries you are trying to get into - Easily create a website with multiple galleries, resume, statement, bio and contact pages - Select from artwork you've added to your Artwork Management account to easily add to entries in EntryThingy!

Watch the videos here to see how it all works.

Need to receive, manage and jury calls for entries? Great! Because that's what EntryThingy is for!  

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